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Laguiole knives Brown Personalization

Brun cutlery makes your knife to measure

Engraving or personalized knives

Brun Cutlery can custom-make a knife to meet your exact requirements.
Florence and Pascal engrave the blade, the spring or the inside of the knife.

You can submit the desired model according to several criteria: (size 10,11,12,13,or 14 cm, corkscrew model, punch, single platinum, double platinum or even triple! Full handle or
model 2 bolsters, etc.).

Couteaux Brun Laguiole personnalisés

It's possible to replace the bee!

In place of the bee, another design can be engraved: balloon, wolf, owl, fish, or any other emblem of your choice.

Photo realizations by Florence and Pascal Brun

Discover the unique knife creations made by Florence and Pascal in their Laguiole workshop. We hope they will inspire you to create your own Laguiole knife, or simply to offer an original gift.